Viticulture philisophy, from vines training to vinification

From the planting of the vines to the blending of the different vintages, we are particularly attentive to each stage of creation of our wines. We bring the greatest care to the earth as to the plant. We make strong cultural choices to both make the most of each vintage and enroll in a process of continuous improvement.

Sustainable viticulture: guided by common sense

As much in our desire to respect our environment as for the sake of preserving the land and the vines that give our precious juices, we have made the choice of a reasoned agriculture. This commitment is in line with a clear respect for consumers and men and women who work the vine.

  • Organic culture and vnification : according to the regulations, we only use sulfur and copper wisely
  • Tillage : alternation between mechanical work and weeding according to the seasons; the use of chemical weed killers is excluded
  • Vines training : most of the grapes are trained in Royat cordon pruning with four spurs ; Chardonnay and Sauvignon, less fruitful are trained in double Guyot pruning
  • Harvest : we take advantage of the morning freshness so that the grape can fully express its aromas. At the same time, we avoid energy losses, linked to the necessary cooling of a “hot” harvest.

Vinification at Longue Tubi: at each plot its vat

In order to guarantee an optimal follow-up in the elaboration of our wines, we made the choice of a vinification by plot and grape variety. As a result, the size of the tanks is adapted to each of the parcels of the domain.

We use a harvesting machine for maximum flexibility and responsiveness. We can thus bring the grape into the cellar as soon as its maturity seems optimal.