Terroir & grape varieties: a sublime meeting

At Longue Tubi Estate, we work every day to get the best of a Provençal terroir both authentic and original. Years of passion and experience have also allowed us to highlight the complementary qualities of each variety.

A protective climate, a fertile ground for the development of the vineyard

For centuries, the vine has been the famous triptych of Mediterranean agriculture with cereals and olives. It finds in its dry and stony soils, but deep and draining, ideal conditions to blossom.

The grapes from the Long Tubi estate also enjoy the presence of a big ally. Identity symbol of the territory, object of legends and metronome of the local life, the Mistral wind preserves indeed the vine of the humidity and the diseases.

Located higher than the majority of the Provençal vineyard, the Longue Tubi estate experiences cooler nights in summer. It benefits from a large thermal amplitude particularly appreciated by the grapes.

Stone, a marker of Provencal identity

Omnipresent on the roads, in the terraces and cabins that dress the estate, the stone plays a vital role in the development of the vineyard. Pampered and worked by the winemakers, it stores the heat during the hot summer days, to restore it gently during the night. It also brings their subtle minerality to the white and rosé Long Tubi …

Grapes selected for their character

The viticultural profession is exciting in more ways than one. The meeting between the characteristics of the soil, the sunshine, the character of the different grape varieties and the magic of their assembly remains certainly its most exalting dimension …

We have therefore selected :

  • The Rolle and Sémillon for Côtes de Provence whites which allow to explore the typicality of our terroir
  • A blend Grenache / Cinsaut / Syrah that converse with the Rolle for happy and expressive Côtes de Provence rosés
  • The surprising Muscat petit grains and Syrah for the cuvee Plaisir Rosé, creative and daring
  • Chardonnay for the cuvee Origine White, Sauvignon for the cuvee Plaisir White
  • Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon for our red wines, which still keep some secrets … the secrets of generous aging wines, built with nuances

A mosaic of plots, the vinegrower's palette

Different grape varieties, several types of soil … and several generations of vines. At Longue Tubi, the age of the vines ranges between 8 and 40 years. This essential balance allows us to obtain at the same time a good concentration for the red wines and a particularly interesting freshness on the whites and the rosés.